A Raftsman's Story

A Raftsman Tells of Rock at Lone Rock

From an article in the Baraboo Daily News - Thursday, February 6, 1913

Lone Rock, Wisconsin is a very pretty, romantic spot, according to J. G. Steele. In the Wisconsin river at that place is a large rock which rises up from the waters of the Wisconsin river, tall and majestic, which doubtless gives the name to the place. A natural tunnel like opening through the rock allows boats to pass on their way. The water gleams like silver in the slightly shadowed tunnel and is really beautiful. At one time a large portion of the rock fell away from the main mass and, it is said, "fell upon a passing vessel, causing its wreck." At any rate, the decaying hull of the vessel could easily be seen in the river and also low lying mass of rock. J. D. Steele has seen it all many times, when as a raftsman he went about his work, passing the spot.
Mrs. L. A. Dudley
Durward's Glen

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