Established on January 3, 1857, the Lone Rock Post Office was first located at Dixon on the Eaton farm on State Highway 130 North until 1866 when it was moved to  Lone Rock. In 1874 it was made a money order office. The Lone Rock Post Office has occupied five sites and has had nineteen Postmasters. In 1976 the facility served 1904 patrons. The rural route served 336 families with 1234 patrons. There were 267 post office boxes rented, serving 670 patrons.

On September 11, 1966 the new Post Office was dedicated, and is part of a lease construction program with investment financing used to obtain needed facilities which remain under local ownership.

The dedication ceremonies were held on the concrete apron south of the building and were sponsored jointly by the Lone Rock Lions Club, J. P. and Michael Sullivan American Legion Post 383, Legion Auxiliary and the Eagle Fire Department. Music was furnished by the River Valley High School Band.

Postmasters and the date they took office are:

Henry Paddleford, January 3, 1857

Zebulon W. Green, June 5, 1857

Rectus S. Eldred, February 28, 1859

Robert L. Telfair, November 14, 1861

Jason C. Bancroft, June 22, 1869

Abraham Wolf, October 8, 1869

Albert M. Woodbury, July 20, 1885

Burr McDonald, June 26, 1886

Byron M. Eldred, August 1, 1889

Galen Moore, June 23, 1893

Alexander Ray, June 23, 1897

Florence B. Constantine, October 17, 1912

Galen Moore, December 17, 1915

Albert H. Fries, January 10, 1925

Esther G. Cody, March 17, 1934

John E, Jacob, September 11, 1964

Sandy Duren,

Dave Mayer, May 1, 1998

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