Recollections of a Pioneer

From an article in the Lone Rock Journal - February 23, 1933

Dwight P. Moore received congratulations all week, the occasion being his eighty first birthday. Mr. Moore came to Richland County as a boy of four years old in 1856 from Schuyler County, New York. He has been a resident for 75 years.

When he came to this county a large part of it was still covered with virgin timber. The woods were filled with bears, timber wolves, lynxes and many other wild animals as well as a good supply of Indians. He recalls Ed Seaman's mother was killed by the Indians and it caused considerable furor among the settlers.

He was 12 years old when the Civil War broke out and recalls many interesting incidents of that great struggle. The depression that followed the war was as hard as that in 1933 except there was a shortage of everything including food.

He recalls Sextonville had the first high school in the county with an enrollment of 70 students.

Mr. Moore operated successfully, Moore's Market for 20 years, a grocery, meat and produce market.

Moore's Market, owned and operated by Dwight P. Moore, stood where Larsen's One Stop is today. Raymond Moore, Dwight's son, is shown here tending the store.
The building also housed an appliance store owned by Archie Fleming and, in 1948, Harold Moore bought the building and he, with his brother, Myron, operated the business as a grocery store.

The last grocer at this building was Bob Evans. It was called the Town and Country Store. The building remained vacant for a time after Evans left the community and was eventually torn down and replaced with a new convenience store, now D & Zs.

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