Lone Rock, Wisconsin Community

Community Government and Assets

The Community Building

One of the most recognizable buildings in Lone Rock is the Community Building, and for good reason; built by local labor in the Depression era days of the 1930s it has been the center of community events since. Mrs. Grace Lincoln donated the site for the Community Building in 1934 and work began on the building at once. The Lone Rock School District needed facilities for school functions and rented the building from the village from 1935 through 1962. Graduation ceremonies for Lone Rock High School seniors were held every year here in that 28 year span.

commbldgIt has been the home of the Lone Rock High School basketball and boxing teams, Saturday night dances, high school proms, high school commencements, the school fair, family reunions, Art Council festivals, gun shows....if it was a community event requiring ample space, it was probably held here. Hot lunches were served to school children in the lower level when Lone Rock had its own school district and it was also the first home of the Library until a new home was found in the Americn Legion building located just behind this building. The building, a treasure to the community, continues to be used for many village functions.

The School

The heart of any community is its school and Lone Rock has had a school since 1856. Lone Rock became a part of the River Valley School district in 1960 and the high school was closed after the senior class graduated in 1962. Since then the school in Lone Rock has been the Elementary School. Pictured elschoolhere, it is located in the northwestern part of the village and grades kindergarten through 5th grade are taught there. As in the past, the school extends the community beyond the village limits. The school and community are also served by the PTO-CFSP (Parent Teachers Organization-Community School Partnership), a local service organization. More on the history of Lone Rock schools may be found in the History of Lone Rock.

The Library

The Lone Rock Community Library librarywas opened to the public in October, 1971. Located at the time in the basement of the Community Building it has since moved next door to the building donated to them by the American Legion. Providing many services including internet access to the community and housing much information regarding Lone Rock and the surrounding area, it is definetly worth a visit.


The Fire Department

Integral to community life in Lone Rock firedeptis the volunteer fire department. Besides responding to fires, automobile accidents and drowning tragedies in the Wisconsin River, the fire department, over the years, has sponsored many community events including the annual 4th of July Celebration which it has sponsored since the early 1900s in Lone Rock. Organized as a "bucket brigade" in 1869 as the Eagle Fire Company No. 1, Inc. the fire department today keeps up to date on the latest in fire fighting technology and equipment.  See more about the Eagle Fire Co. in the History of Lone Rock.

The Bike Trail

The bike trail is an unheralded asset biketrailto the community.  Lone Rock is the eastern end of the trail.  It follows the bed of the old railroad spur line from Lone Rock to Richland Center. Starting at the end of West Richland Street it provides a 16 mile scenic bike tour  to Richland Center and passes through Gotham and Twin Bluffs.   In the winter it serves as a snowmobile trail.


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