Lone Rock, Wisconsin Community


Clyde is a rural community in northern Iowa County and has a long history with Lone Rock. To  get to Clyde you must travel south out of Lone Rock and cross the Wisconsin River.    There are three bridges to cross.

2nd bridge

This is the Long Lake bridge.   Long Lake is a slough of the river. On the left or upstream many lakefront homes have built.  They are part of the Pineland Community. 

2nd bridge

This is the 2nd bridge which spans the river on this side of the Island ahead.   The old swimming hole is on the right.  

3rd bridge

This is the 3rd bridge crossing the main channel of the Wisconsin River.   When you cross it you're in Iowa County.   Turn left to go to Clyde.  Turn right to go to Avoca.  Don't go straight ahead.  You can't move that hill though a lot of folks have tried.


At one time this was the Clyde school.  It is now the Community Center for the town of Clyde.

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